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Money for Lawsuits helps people with legal claims for compensation to weather the financial hardships of a lawsuit and get the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured by some body else’s negligence or purposeful actions, and have filed a lawsuit against the guilty party, you are a plaintiff, and Money for Lawsuits is here to help you.  Lawsuits can bring all sorts of unexpected financial strain to the injured party, especially if it is difficult or impossible to work because of the wrongs against you. Given that settlements or trials can take months or years to resolve, this waiting period can be extremely difficult. Insurance companies and deep-pocketed defendants can use this hardship as leverage to push you into taking a settlement that is much less than your claim is worth.

Cash advances from Money for Lawsuits are available to pay for household expenses so you can bridge the gap between injury and settlement. We can help plaintiffs with a variety of injuries and lawsuits to support themselves and their families while they wait for payments from defendants and insurance companies. The extra financial security can also help you and your attorney to negotiate a better settlement from the defendant in your case. If you think that a cash advance from Money of Lawsuits could help you support yourself and get the compensation you deserve.